May 30th - Jun 3rd, 2023 |11:00 AM - 12:30 PM CDT | Women Only Event



"How To Reclaim Your Time And Joy In Homeschooling"

May 30th, 2023 |11 AM CDT | Women Only Event

Discover the true essence of teaching and reclaim your time and joy in homeschooling

Empowering Muslim homeschooling parents to create a successful homeschooling environment by adopting effective teaching strategies and empowering their children to take ownership of their education. 

By embracing a coaching mindset, fostering effective communication and connection, and igniting a love for learning, parents can cultivate critical thinking, self-discipline, and independent learning skills in their children. 

Discover the importance of shifting from being “micro-managing mentor” to one that encourages independence, self-directed learning, and decision-making.


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Is This Workshop For Me?

YES, This is specially for you if:

1) If you struggle with finding the right approaches to effectively teach your children at home.

2) If you find it challenging to encourage your children to think critically and be independent learners.

3) If you feel the need to constantly monitor and guide your children’s learning activities.

4) If you feel isolated without a network of like-minded Muslim homeschoolers to share experiences and seek guidance.

Are you exhausted from constantly feeling the need to entertain and closely monitor your children while teaching at home? 

Are you tired of being trapped in the cycle of overinvolved teaching?

The constant need to be by their side, guiding their every move, can leave you exhausted and robbed of precious time for yourself or other responsibilities.

 It’s time to break free from the suffocating demands and rediscover the joy of independent learning.

As a parent, it’s natural to want the best for your children and to ensure they receive a quality education.

However, the line between being supportive and becoming a helicopter parent or “micro-managing mentor” can blur, resulting in a loss of independence for both you and your children. 

The pressure to constantly entertain, monitor, and micromanage their learning experiences can create a suffocating atmosphere, leaving you feeling drained and stifled.

Also, the line between entertainment and true learning can blur, resulting in children being more interested in being entertained rather than seeking joy in learning. 

When learning is solely focused on achieving external rewards or meeting academic expectations, children may lose their intrinsic motivation to learn. If the educational environment is not designed to foster curiosity, creativity, and personal fulfillment, children may perceive learning as a chore and prioritize entertainment instead.

You long for your children to become confident, self-motivated learners who can take charge of their education. You yearn for them to develop essential skills like decision-making, self-discipline, and critical thinking.

You want them to become independent individuals who can navigate challenges and make their own choices.

Imagine the freedom and relief that comes from empowering your children to take ownership of their education.

Imagine a learning environment where they are actively engaged, exploring their interests, and taking responsibility for their own growth. 

Envision reclaiming your time and energy, no longer feeling the need to constantly hover over their shoulders.

No need for endless online courses and extensive screen time. 

It’s time to break free from the cycle of micro-managing and embark on a journey of empowerment.

Introducing our transformative 5-day workshop, designed to empower both you and your children. Say goodbye to the overwhelming pressure of being a “micro-managing mentor” and embrace a new approach that fosters independence, self-directed learning, and critical thinking skills.

Here’s What You Can Expect From The 5-day Live Workshop

Day 1


The New Face of Teaching: Developing Coaching Skills for Effective Homeschooling

Don’t miss this opportunity to transform your parenting approach and give your children the tools they need to thrive.

Discover insights and techniques rooted in coaching and effective communication to enhance your teaching skills and create a conducive learning environment.

Some parents may face challenges in teaching children with reading difficulties so we have invited an expert Sara Haboubi who will provide valuable insights, techniques, and resources to support parents in overcoming challenges in teaching reading.

Sara Haboubi is a highly experienced learning coach and trainer who, along with Paula Montie, has dedicated over 60 years of combined expertise to help individuals of all ages overcome learning challenges, particularly those with dyslexia and dysgraphia.

After extensive research, Sara and Paula discovered a simple yet powerful solution to address basic word skills difficulties, which they realized could make a tremendous impact on struggling students and their families.

Day 2


Step One: Cultivating Independence through Responsibility

Effective teaching plays a crucial role in empowering children to take ownership of their education through the three transformative steps.

The first step allows you to step back and become a facilitator, empowering children to develop self-management skills and take charge of their education.

Day 3


Step Two: Promoting Self-Directed Learning
This approach allows children to become active seekers of knowledge and take ownership of their learning process, resulting in a deeper understanding and engagement with the subject matter.
Day 4


Step Three: Nurturing Decision-Making Skills
Effective teaching involves nurturing critical thinking and decision-making skills in children. By allowing them to make choices and decisions related to their education, you are fostering their analytical thinking and problem-solving abilities.

When you’re getting ready to teach math, it’s important to remember that effective teaching involves nurturing critical thinking and decision-making skills in children. BONUS Q&A session with a load of helpful tips for teaching math.

Day 5


Homeschoolpreneur: Empowering Homeschooling Parents to Build Successful Education Businesses
Are you a passionate homeschooling parent eager to make a difference in the lives of not just your own children, but also other homeschoolers?

Discover the empowering path of combining your love for teaching and entrepreneurship. Unlock the potential of combining your teaching expertise and entrepreneurial spirit to create a thriving business while enjoying the flexibility and satisfaction of homeschooling your own children. Embrace the opportunity to make a lasting impact on the education landscape, both within your own family and in the lives of countless homeschooling students, while achieving financial independence and fulfillment.



Bonus Q&A session. Time for all those questions you wanted to ask. Time for sharing with the group.

About The Host

Azra Sehovic-Ahmetspahic is an experienced homeschooling educator who is passionate about integrating Islamic values into the curriculum. With over 15 years of homeschooling her own children and over 200 others, Azra brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her teaching. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Applied Mathematics and specializes in teaching secondary math. Parents who have worked with Azra praise her meticulous approach to homeschooling and commend the brilliance and excellent manners of her own children. In light of the current times, her efforts are greatly appreciated and valued by the homeschooling community.

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