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This is where the successful learning of math begins. How to teach math to children 5 to 7 year old?

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Many children struggle with math. Why math gives anxiety to the majority of students? Why students drop higher level math courses at the Universities and change their majors because of not being able to pass math courses?

This course is about where learning of math begins. The pillars of math success are built in the early stages of children’s learning. Building the foundation of mathematical thinking is not only about teaching numbers. Mathematics is a language of the world around us. Like any other language if you want to truly understand it you have to think in that language. More than anything else children need to learn how to think mathematically.

This course will give you concrete essential math skills your child needs to learn and how to teach them. It includes also 7 sample lessons for kids ages 5 to 7. If your child is older than 7 and struggling with math this course will be helpful for you too so you can learn some of the possible reasons for having difficulties with learning math.

Each lesson will be an example of essential math skill and how to introduce it to the children.

There are 3 Q&A sessions for the parents, one before the program starts, one in the middle of the program and one at the end.


Module 1Welcome
There are no units in this module.
Module 2Essential Math Skills
There are no units in this module.
Module 3How To Teach Math To Children Age 5 to 7
Unit 1How To Teach Math?
Unit 2Dangerous Mistakes
Module 4Sample Lessons
There are no units in this module.



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