Pre Algebra for middle school

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This is NOT an average, boring math lecture type class. We do what math is supposed to do: solve problems! 

We learn math by solving problems and discussion. Interesting and exciting 4 weeks! You don’t want to miss this class!


Course starts December 7th, 2020.

In this course students will reinforce the understanding of fractions, ratios, and solving equations by applying these concepts to solving problems. Understanding the relationship between fractions, ratios and proportions will give students confidence in using different approaches in solving ratio problems in algebra.

Week 1: Concept of Ratio, rate, and proportion

Week 2: Application of concept of fractions in solving problems

Week 3: Application of concept of ratio, rate and proportion in solving problems

Week 4: Application of concept of ratio in geometry

Lessons will cover the understanding of math concept, examples demonstrating the concept application, word problem application and challenge questions.

Class schedule:
Monday, Wednesday, Friday 3:30pm to 4:15pm CDT

The general format of the lesson is:
5-minute puzzle-type math question
5-minute warm up connecting previous knowledge to new lesson
10-minute concept teaching/overview
25-minute practice solving word problems

This is the course for students ages 11 – 13. Prerequisite knowledge required for this class is understanding the concept of fractions and equivalent fractions.

About the Instructor:
I have been teaching children for 10 years as a tutor and homeschooling educator. I have a BA in Applied Mathematics and Associate Degree in Teaching Secondary/High School Math.
In the past 10 years I helped my students to gain confidence in math and significantly improve their grades. 
My passion for mathematics drives me to help my students achieve true understanding and mastery of mathematics without stress, anxiety and in a simple way. I am always researching innovative methods of teaching and I am trying to align my teaching style with student’s learning style so students can reach their full potentials.


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