Multiplication Challenge

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It is a bold challenge but worth trying. Let’s memorize these multiplication facts in 7 days!

It is free with the purchase of the digital book on Amazon: Can I Memorize The Multiplication Table in 7 Days 

Hurry! Enrolling only 10 students in the challenge! Live sessions are separate for girls and boys.


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The course is closed. Here is what parents say about the challenge:

” I’d definitely recommend the class to others. I had two daughters enrolled and they loved it. They also memorized the entire table.”

” My daughter has always been struggling with math, and she avoided any work that has to do with math. However, in this short course, she did homework on her own, and she memorized more in 7 days than she did for 7 months in school. The teacher gives various tips for memorizing multiplication facts. She also teaches in a clear and fun way and gives students motivation and positive reinforcement. “

” Jazakallah kair, this course was very helpful for my girls, they learned beneficial strategies to help them learn multiplication for not only right but to help them in future too. “

This is from one of our students:

” I learn from this program and I had so much fun. “


This is a challenge for children 8 years old and up. The challenge is about memorizing the multiplication table in 7 days. That’s right, 7 days!

It is also for the parents and educators who need easy and effective strategies for teaching multiplication table.

The challenge starts on April 6th, 2020  and ends on April 12th, 2020.

Every day for 7 days there will be a live session for children to participate in fun activities that will help them with memorizing. We will use the mental strategies that improve memorization significantly. Additional worksheets will be available in the digital book. Sessions will be recorded in case you miss them or you want to watch them again.

Prior the live session parents and children will have a video available with instructions on what is objective of the class and what is needed for the class.


Module 1Welcome To The Challenge!
Unit 1Welcome
Unit 2About The Challenge
Module 2Day One
Unit 1Before The Class
Unit 2Live Session One
Module 3Day Two
Unit 1Before The Class
Unit 2Live Session Two
Module 4Day Three
Unit 1Before The Class
Unit 2Live Session Three
Module 5Day Four
Unit 1Before The Class
Unit 2Live Session Four
Module 6Day Five
Unit 1Before The Class
Unit 2Live Session Five
Module 7Day Six
Unit 1Before The Class
Unit 2Live Session Six
Module 8Day Seven
Unit 1Before The Class
Unit 2Live Session Seven
Module 9Now What!
Unit 1Final Quiz
Unit 2What Is The Next Challenge!



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