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The Smart Way to Graduate High School and Start College Early

Why Dual Enrollment?

High school can be considered a breaking point for many students who may give up on higher education. This is because completing high school is a crucial step in pursuing higher education, and dropping out of high school can significantly reduce the chances of pursuing a college degree or higher. 


Many students dropout from high school because of lack of motivation and an overwhelming amount of work keeping up with all extracurricular activities and honor classes in order to get into college.


This pressure can lead to burnout and feelings of inadequacy, especially when students feel compelled to meet unrealistic standards set by both themselves and their families. Moreover, the absence of a supportive and engaging learning environment can further contribute to a lack of motivation, making it difficult for students to see the relevance and importance of their education. Without proper guidance and assistance, those struggling with these challenges may find themselves opting to leave school prematurely, which can have lasting consequences on their future opportunities and overall well-being.


Therefore, it is important to provide support and resources for students to stay engaged and motivated to complete high school and pursue higher education.


This is an online program.


Live classes are offered Monday through Friday between 8:30am and 3pm Central Time with breaks in between.


Subjects included in the program are: English Language Arts, Math, STEM, Geometry, Critical Thinking for Success, Personal Development, Islamic Studies: Contemporary Issues related to College experience.


Why Should a Homeschooling Parent Consider Coaching Program?

Expert guidance

A homeschooling coach can provide expert guidance and support to help parents navigate the challenges and successes of homeschooling.

Personalized support

A coaching program can be tailored to the specific needs and goals of the parent and their children, providing personalized support and guidance.

Confidence and motivation

Coaching can provide parents with the confidence and motivation they need to succeed in their homeschooling journey.

Achieve more with less

An excellent teacher has a thorough understanding of the subject they are teaching and is able to effectively communicate that knowledge to their students.


A coach can provide accountability to help parents stay on track and achieve their homeschooling goals.

Resources and strategies

A coach can provide access to valuable resources and strategies that can help parents effectively teach their children and support their learning.


Why Coach With Us?


15 years of Experience in Homeschooling

I homeschooled my children from kindergarten to early college enrollment at age 16. During these 15 years I have been teaching over 100 kids and helping other parents homeschool their children. 



Step into a worry-free coaching program designed exclusively for homeschoolers – a program that doesn’t just teach, but coaches. It’s not just education; it’s empowerment.


Early College Enrollment

My customized high school curriculum helped my homeschoolers enter college early.


Passion for Success

My mission is to help other homescholing parents achieve their success with homeschooling. I love to see other homeschoolers become success life stories. 


What Parents Say

Homeschooling 6 year old son and 4 year old daughter. Been a fan of Azra Sehovic’s meticulous homeschooling, have first hand worked with her kids and I can vouch MashAllah how brilliant and well mannered they were. JazakAllah Khair for this, this was a much needed effort given current times.


Homeschooling Parent

My daughter has always been struggling with math, and she avoided any work that has to do with math. However, in this short course, she did homework on her own, and she memorized more in 7 days than she did for 7 months in school. 


Homeschooling Parent

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